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Resources & Samples

Whether you are sharing the Gospel, want to learn basic Hermeneutics (better Bible study skills), or about a topic or book of the Bible - here are some resources and samples of work for you to utilize. 

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The Gospel

The Gospel changes everything! This presentation can be used to help train your women's ministry team about sharing the gospel. It includes scripture references and sound theology about Who God is, Who we are, and how we connect.

Theology of the Pentateuch

Learning how it all began can be fun and funky! This is a four-class (or more) session on the basics of theology from the beginning.  Learn about:

* Creation & Covenant

* The Shema

*Genesis through Deuteronomy 

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Psalm 1.png

Psalm 1

Hermeneutics is a fancy word for how to study the Bible.  This presentation will take you through the 1st Psalm and teach study techniques that will deepen your ability to consume the Word of God. 

Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount is the voice of Jesus teaching us how to live.  

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