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Kourtney Govro

We all have dreams, but sometimes our realities keep us from believing we can get there.  We all wear multiple hats, and have many titles....those titles should never limit where God can take us.  What are some of your titles?

Mom is probably my favorite title, well maybe wife - that one is spectacular too. Pure joy is found in a morning kiss from my husband, watching my kids play sports, spending sunburned afternoons on the lake, or anytime I am with my family. 

Maker...there is something remarkable about using your hands to create. I make quilts and crafts. I learned to sew a few years ago and haven't been able to stop since. seems so formal, and writer is giving me too much credit for my abilities. I am more of a cook than a chef when it comes to this craft, but creating a space for your mind to escape is what storytellers do.

Speaker...I have been a speaker since high school. I love to share information, stories, and make people laugh. I speak at churches, women's events, and quilt guilds. 

Student...never stop learning, never stop growing, and find a way to invest in yourself through study.  For me, this means taking classes. Currently,I am pursuing a PhD from Liberty University. 

My Testimony

My mom once called me life was a never-ending cycle of unfortunate events.   A bad thing happened....rinse, wash, and repeat.  But God...isn't that a cool line?  To some of us, it stops us in our tracks because we know what happens after that statement.  God, the Creator, and sustainer of all have a plan and it is for good. Maybe not what we consider "good" but for good.   

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I became a Christian when I was 12 years old, was super active in my youth group...then went to college and became inactive.  I went down some pretty dark paths before surrendering to Jesus fully.   I was a divorced single mom, and then a blended family mom. I climbed the corporate ladder, and became CEO of a software company that we sold.   I nearly lost my sweet husband to a heart attack, battled cancer, and lost a sibling over the course of 5 years.  When I look back over the last 10 years, I can see God's hand along the way. I can see how he wanted me to learn something, and grow.  Even though it was devastatingly hard, it was worth it. 

My life before Christ was rudderless and I was always searching for how I could become enough.  I filled my life with success, things, and everything Instagram thinks looks like a perfect life.  It wasn't fulfilling.  But God... I started actually reading my Bible and not a book by someone else about the Bible.  That ancient text is alive with truth, and alive with power.   It led me to a deeper more personal relationship with God, and it can for you too. 

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