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Have you ever felt like life just keeps throwing punches and you never get a break—that maybe God forgot about you or even that He might just not exist? Fellow valley walker, He is still here and wants to be your comfort in the storm, your strength when you are weary, and the potter shaping you into who He wants you to become someday.

Silencing Job presents a daily devotional journey through the book of Job that offers comfort and inspiration as you walk through the valley. Whether you are walking a difficult road or are a friend or family member supporting someone else in their journey, these devotions can help you manage the roller coaster of trials and difficult seasons. God is bigger than our suffering—the Creator, Sustainer, and Everlasting Hope. He will restore you, and then it’s up to you to make the valley walk useful and move forward as He intends you to.

Uplifting and encouraging, this daily devotional examines the lessons that the book of Job holds for those of us living through modern trials and tribulations.

Silencing Job

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