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5 things to consider when picking a sewing chair

Over the weekend, I went to my very first quilt retreat. It was a great experience except for one thing....the chair. The chairs were from the hotel...they were padded but stiff and straight. It was surprising how tired and sore I was! Maybe I am just soft in my advancing years, or maybe there is something to do with that chair!

A good chair is a game-changer for any crafter, sewist, or quilter! It provides support, comfort, and stability. This blog will help you think through some of the functions that you should look for when picking a great chair to sew, craft, or quilt in...and maybe help you pick one that will be awesome for your sewing needs!

While there are a number of chairs you can think about - everything from an office chair to a chair created specifically for sewists - this blog will focus on the Arrow Hydraulic Sewing Chair and the Koala Sew Comfortable Sewing Chair.

Here are some things to think about....

Back Support: A chair should provide you with back support that helps you maintain good posture and helps to reduce the amount of strain on your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Good back support works by allowing all the muscles in your body to remain relaxed instead of having them tense up due to poor posture or uncomfortable seating positions. It also encourages proper alignment of the spine, which can drastically reduce lower back pain such as sciatica or soreness caused by sitting for long periods at a desk or computer station.

One of the best qualities of the Arrow Sewing Chair is the lumbar support. It does not look like it would provide as much as it does, but it is amazing.

The Koala Chair has six adjustments, including how the back of the chair can be angled to support your back.

Comfort: For years, I sat in an office chair and struggled with comfort - especially how the chair hit the backs of my legs. I had lots of pain, and the doctor recommended changing my chair. He said where the chair hits your legs and the angle is super important to comfort and leg health...who knew!

Things to think about are foam or padding density, fabric or upholstery texture, and design. Also, think about adjustability.

The Arrow chair has a very simple design and is surprisingly comfortable. It does not angle up against the back of my legs and provides the necessary support.

The Koala Chair is highly regarded as extremely comfortable with adjustability with the entire seat back. (I haven't tried this myself, but I have read the reviews...sounds like a fan favorite.) The Koala chair has 6 variable adjustments to make sure it fits your comfort.

Height Adjustability: Height adjustment isn't just about how your legs fit under the table. Height adjustable chairs allow you to sit more ergonomically correct at your workstation. One of the reasons I love a height-adjustable chair is even though I look tall, when I sit, I am short....yep, I said that right. The height adjustment will allow you to raise and lower your seat so that your arms can sew properly without slouching or reaching.

Think about how easy it is to lift and lower - do you need to stand up to lift and lower?

An Arrow chair, like mine, is adjustable from 18" to 22" this is perfect for the Kangaroo sewing cabinet - which is what many of you have been watching me build on my Tik-Tok.

A Koala chair, is adjustable from 29" to 38" and is made to work with the Koala adjustable table.

Durability: Durability means how long it will last and how well it will last over that time. That can be anything from the chair's function to the chair's fabric.

Things to think about - casters are they high quality or plastic, warranty..warranty..warranty....

The Koala Chair offers an impressive 5-year warranty and even has a replacement cushion for both the back and the seat.

The Arrow chair only offers a 1-year warranty....

Design: Design isn't about ergonomics. It's about aesthetics. Your sewing space is personal, and your chair must also be. This is where the Arrow chair wins, hands down! The Arrow chair has several different fabrics, everything from sewing-themed to cats! You can't go wrong with the customization available in this chair.


I hope this has been helpful! Comment below on what chair you use and why you picked it!

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